Thursday, October 18, 2012

Parisian Pink and Gold Party

We've been completely smitten with pink and gold and it just seemed like a perfect party for a sweet girl with lots of 'Joix De Vivre'. Fortunately, we was lucky enough to meet Nina and her mom who fit the Paris Pink and Gold party theme perfectly. Nina even has golden red hair! What are the chances that the honoree even matches her own party theme?? Not many, I tell you. It was a stroke of creative luck.

The party took place at the Hilton Garden Inn in Blue Ash. Kathy, Diyor and her crew were super accommodating and the room was a lovely space to work in.

Outside the doors was a seating chart created with individual gold frames hung on a pink covered bulletin board. This was propped up by a black floor easel with fleur de lis accents. Trés cute, oui? A bonus benefit to this method for a seating chart is that it is easy to fix last minute guest rearrangements. Just pop out the card and put in a new one.

The tables were covered in light pink linens. Centerpieces were loose and eclectic; we were going for that effortless french café feel. (Which, by the way is not effortless at all for this American girl!) Each centerpiece included a vintage gold rimmed highball glass with pink sweetheart roses, french pressed glass juice cups with baby's breath, a gold picture frame with the table number hand drawn in gold marker, a customized glass bottle (Ikea) filled with fresh water or French pink lemonade (find the same great black labels from JenMarie on etsy), a brass candlestick (from the client's stash) and some frigging adorable Photofetti. Each place setting had a gold charger and a stick of pink rock candy tied with a simple black ribbon.

Of course, we couldn't have a French themed dinner party without a French patisserie themed dessert table. I took some design cues from the famed French patisserie Ladurée and created a custom table skirt with the gold banner drawn on charcoal gray canvas and a pink and white backdrop. A fanciful gold frame bordered Nina's name written in gold. The dessert table was really just to provide a beautiful space to display the amazing desserts created by Kim at Garnish Catering. Filling the cake plates were rich chocolate pots de creme (ok frenchie grammar sticklers, I'm missing the proper accent circumflex over the 'e'. I can't find it on my keyboard), vanilla cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting, pink macarons with real gold flake embellishments, chocolate covered profiteroles (think eclairs), creme brulée, chocolate cupcakes and raspberry tartes de fruits. Our client reported that the dessert table was ravished by the guests, who left nothing but the spoons!

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